Infinity Microscope

Product Description:

  • Alluminium die cast parts with all critical m ovements movements based on ball bearing guides.,
  • observation head  :   sidentopf INFINITY Trinocular head 30 degree inclined, 360 rotatable.
  • Mechanical stage :  Co-axial mechanical stage with  ball bearing slide for frictionless and  jerk free  movement.
  • moveable condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder on rack and pinion, coaxial coarse and fine foucusing machanism
  • INFINITY CORRECTED PLAN series objectives 4 x , 10 x 40 x and 100 x oil anti fungus.

Eyepiece  : WF – 10X , Quadruple ball bearing nosepiece with rubber grip for life long smooth rotation, 6 v – 2- w halogen blulb with variable illumination control / LED ilumination, full mould thermocol container

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