Our  YamtoLaboratoryPlasticware products are an important part of scientific laboratories wherever the highest quality is required. Our borosilicate glass has a low coefficient of expansion, for resistance to heat, and a very high resistance to chemical attack. Our graduated items are calibrated to meet either Class A or Class B tolerances for use when accuracy is demanded. The sturdy packaging we use helps to assure that you receive your Yamto Plasticware products in tact.


-Analytical Funnel
-Animal Cage
-Aspirator Bottles
-Animal Cage (Twin Grill)
-Connectors (T & Y- New)
-Cryo Coders
-Cryo Vial
-Dropping Bottles
-Funnels – Long Stem
-Heavy Duty Vaccum Bottle
-Measuring Cylinders
-Stool Container
-Wash Bottles

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