Tablet Friability Tester


  • Advance Microcontroller based with user friendly software in dialog mode.
  • Alpha-Numeric splash proof keyboard allows entries like sample name, sample Number/ ID number for data authentication.
  • Conical shaped low evaporation recovery lids on the tablet dispenser reduces the media loss during long dissolution run
  • Selectable report printout complies to GLP requirements.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) for date, time display & authenticity of printout.
  • Error indication to trace out the problem.
  • Meets specification of USP, BP, EP, IP etc.
  • Offers a count & time mode.
  • Automatic discharge of the sample into individual sample tray after completion of each cycle.
  • 10° tilting of drums as per USP recommendation.
  • Easy front loading system.
  • Supports friability drum & abrasion drum as well.
  • Calculation mode for friability -percentage weight-loss.
  • Balance interface for online sample weight transfer.
  • PC compatibility for data downloading.
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