Yamto” Rectangular Muffle Furnace

Outer Shell made out of thick mild steel duly finished in attractive stoving enamel/powder coated paint. Fitted with grooved refractory for supporting the heating elements made out of Kanthal wire and are easily replaceable. Maximum temp. 1000°C and working temp.900°C controlled by SUNVIC energy regulator. Complete with indicators, pyrometer, thermocouple, thermal fuse etc, Workable on 220VAC 50Hz single phase.

Inner Muffle size in mm & inches
225x100x100 (9‖x4‖x4‖)
250x125x125 (10‖x5‖x5‖)
300x125x125 (12‖x5‖x5‖)
300x150x150 (12‖x6‖x6‖)
300x200x200 (12‖x8‘x8‖)
350x175x125 (14‖x7‖x5‖)
475x175x125 (19‖x7‖x5‖)
450x225x225 (18‖x9‖x9‖)
Digital temp. Indicator-cum-Controller instead of energy regulator
and pyrometer.
Microprocessor PID digital temp. Indicator-cum-Controller
Instead of energy Regulator, pyrometer.

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