Tablet Dissolution Apparatus

Product Description:

  • + Piston Pump details
  • + Filter Changer details

Standard Features:

  • Advanced microcontroller based user friendly state-of-the-art product design with alphanumeric splash waterproof polyester soft keys. User interactive software in dialogue mode for ease of operation with protection against invalid entries
  • Support USP 1, 2, 5 & 6 and is complaint with USP, BP, IP specifications. Apparatus for Intrinsic test & Stationary basket methods are also available
  • Conical shaped low evaporation recovery lids on the tablet dispenser reduces the media loss during long dissolution run
  • Mono shaft design allows easy changeover between Apparatus I & II thus eliminates the routine height validation check as per USP
  • Tablet Dispenser drops 6 dosage form at single instance
  • Non-Volatile Memory storage of 15 methods with parameter
  • GLP Complaint report format with Alphanumeric entries of Sample name & identification number for authentication
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